Who is this membership for?

It's for the beginner or the advanced artisan. Whether you are a beginner to artistic decor finishes or advanced. You don't have to know how to apply finishes to a wall. These workshops can be applied to many surfaces such as walls, furniture, canvases or home decor.

Stacey Van Gundy

Hi! I'm Stacey Van Gundy, a Certified Decorative Artisan, business owner, and educator! In my work, I create multi-layered artistic finishes on decor surfaces! I have had the opportunity to work with designers, homeowners and contractors for over 25 years! I teach creative women from allover the US, through in person and online workshops, to expand their painting business into the decorative artist field and make more money!

What's Included:

Here is what you can expect each and every month from me:

  • Monthly Artistic Workshop Training

    Each month you will receive one workshop a month that can be implemented on a wall, canvas, furniture, cabinet or home decor piece.

  • Private FB Community

    Join our private Facebook community where you can learn from one another and post your finished projects. This is a community of supportive fellow artisans to come together and share, collaborate, support!

  • Live Bonus Workshop Each Month!

    We will spend 2 weeks per month implementing the artistic decor finish you have learned on a larger scale surface. Whether it be a wall, canvas or piece of furniture. I will come on the group live and the tutorials will be loaded onto your dashboard.

Bonus material

  • Live Q&A

    We will do a live Q&A where you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions from a business perspective, artistic perspective or personal.

  • Written Instructions

    Receive downloadable step by step instructions along with a list of products & tools.

  • Member Only Site

    Access to all past tutorials and instructions all in one place!

My commitment to you:

  • I will give you my 150%

  • Answer all your questions as promptly as I can using all my past 20+ years of experience in the decor artist industry.

  • Help you to become the best artisan you can be!

Social proof: testimonials

Staging Wall Workshop

I had the pleasure of taking Stacey’s staging wall workshop this past year. I have to tell you that I learned so much! Her class not only provided instruction on how to create a textured wall finish, but also provided tips on lighting, selecting the appropriate wall color, staging and showcasing your painted beauties. I highly recommend Stacey, she has years of experience and is a warm and encouraging teacher. Thank you Stacey! Regina Lambert The Salvaged Heart

Asian Champagne Workshop

“I love this finish! The workshop was easy to follow and I would definitely take another one from Stacey! I love the idea I can go back and review our steps and continue – to me that’s the best feature!” -Tracey

This is an investment in you!

I am here to help you along your journey of investing in yourself as an artist!

Let's do this together!